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AFI , Military Personnel Records Systems, or by other base-level records systems as authorized by the affected individual) and authorized for file in the personnel record groups by AFI , AFI 2. Study AFI’s flashcards from william finucane’s USAF class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android app. WAPS Testing > AFI’s > Flashcards The below changes to AFI , dated 1 December , are AFI , Deployment Planning and Execution and AFI

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These searches might also be of interest: Airmen may request extension cancellation to immediately reenlist due to unique andunusual circumstances or when other reasons for cancellation were not used or areinappropriate and when fulfilling the extension would result in an injustice.

Imagery Analysis Retrain – Page 87

When an existing extension not yet entered is subject to cancellation according to paragraphs 6. Limit pregnancy extensions Airman or spouse to the minimum number of months required to 63 a DOS of delivery date plus one month. This 3, or age 55 rule applies to Airmen who are within two years of attaining4 Retire not later minimum retirement eligibility.

Eligible Airmen serving in SRB skills, who hold a 3-skill level or higher in the SRB skill, may extend their enlistments in one increment for a minimum period of 36 months up to, and including, a maximum period of 48 months.

AGE Remain on active the Airman has not refused to obtain service-directed duty beyond age retainability or cancelled an 55 extension for the purpose of separation Refer to para 6. The Cleaner provides the cleaning and upkeep of an assigned area.


Update this code on FTA 4-year enlistee who has completed 31 months on currentenlistment, is serving in the grade of A1C and has less than 12 months TIG refer toparagraphs 5. Refer to Wfi 6 to determine if the Airman is eligible to request an extension ofenlistment. Maybe living on base at your next base will help afl the costs. Confirm Remind me later. The commander may request extension cancellation if a reenlistment ineligibility condition in Table 5.

Exceptions must be requested and the TDY approved in advance. The Valet will drive c The Airman extended for an assignment to include to accept retraining or a special duty and departed for that or any avi location.

Extensions for Service-Directed Requirements. Current HYT rules apply per paragraph 5.

AFI’s Flashcards Preview

If approved to reenlist through the waiver process, the REcode 4K will be temporarily removed to allow update of the reenlistment, but the MPS willre-update the Re code to 4K once the reenlistment consummates. Airman mayTops in Blue extend for the number of months needed to complete the tour plus 1 month.

The commander will ensure the Airman documents appeal intent before returning the letter to the MPS for processing according to paragraph 6.

The MPS will review the case file for completeness andreturn all incomplete requests to the unit. Indictments in airman’s death Dad: These guys are right, it is very small, and there is a lot of building renovation and street construction going on. I did take a couple of weekends to drive the 1 hour down there to view the base and the area. Remove all extraneous documents.

I was reading that you can only receive DLA once per fiscal year, although certain exceptions do apply. The 24 months obligated service will be waived. Airmen extending under this rule may immediately reenlist once medically cleared and aci service Medical Hold portion is waived. The Airman and MPS representatives must initial each correction. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition.


The duration of the obligation is changed by the Air Force Example: These Airmen appeal to their wing commander if the groupcommander made the extension non-selection recommendation.

First Term Airmen extending under paragraph 6. I found our building over at the 17TW by the back gate. The day the Airman signs the extension determines the SRB multiple level. Airmen qualify for an SRB entitlement on the day they sign the extension but will not receive the SRB payment until ari day they enter the extension provided they remain qualified.

AFI’s Flashcards by william finucane | Brainscape

The commander recommends approval of the extension by completing Section VI. The authorized and requested term of reenlistment Table 5. This makes no sense to me. Airmen may, if otherwise eligible,reenlist according to Table 5. Airmen af not extend under this rule if they refused to obtain service-directed retainability or declined PME.

Doesn’t seem right to me that I and many others would be left out to dry by having to pay out of pocket for first months rent.

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