Hieronder vind je 12 betekenissen van het woord ADR. ADR. Europees verdrag betreffende het internationaal vervoer van gevaarlijke goederen over de weg. European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Treaty data. Treaty number: ; Date of conclusion. Verdrag inzake conventionele strijdkrachten in Europa, Parijs, Geldend van ADR. D MRP. OT/R YP PWMR. OT DP. PWCO.

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Each State Party shall provide to all other States Parties information specifying its objects of verification, including the total number and the designation of each object veerdrag verification, and enumerating its declared sites, as defined in Section I of the Protocol on Inspection, providing the following information on each site:.

Procedure for destruction by smashing of self-propelled guns, howitzers, artillery vrdrag combining the verdrzg of guns and howitzers or mortars:. The escort team shall be placed under the responsibility of the inspected State Party:. Recalling their obligation to refrain in their mutual relations, as well as in their international relations in general, from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

C the overall numbers by type of conventional armaments and equipment in each category specified in Section III of this Protocol held at that site and by each object of verification, as well as those belonging to any object of verification located at another declared site, specifying the designation of each such object of verification.

A verdrga verify, on the basis of the information provided pursuant to the Protocol on Information Exchange, the compliance of States Parties with the numerical limitations set versrag in Articles IV, V and VI.

Verdrag inzake conventionele strijdkrachten in Europa, Parijs, 19-11-1990

If an inspection team requests access to a structure or premises utilised by another State Party by agreement with the inspected State Party, such other State Party shall, in cooperation with the inspected State Party and to the extent consistent with the agreement on utilisation, exercise the rights and obligations set forth in this Protocol with respect to inspections involving equipment or materiel of the State Party utilising the structure or premises.

D Conventie ter Bescherming van de Donau. Large calibre artillery systems are guns, howitzers, artillery pieces combining the characteristics of guns and howitzers, mortars and multiple launch rocket systems with a calibre of millimetres and above. Q The term “conventional armaments and equipment subject to the Treaty” means battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft, primary trainer aircraft, unarmed trainer aircraft, combat helicopters, unarmed transport helicopters, armoured vehicle launched bridges, armoured personnel carrier look-alikes and armoured infantry fighting vehicle look-alikes subject to information exchange in accordance with the Protocol on Information Exchange.


States Parties carrying out conversion for non-military purposes shall have ensured that the conversion of all battle tanks in accordance with Section VIII of the Protocol on Reduction shall have been completed by the end of the third reduction phase; and.

B for armoured combat vehicles: If sites containing conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty decommissioned from service also contain any other conventional armaments and equipment subject to the Treaty, the decommissioned conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty shall be separately distinguishable; and.

Such agreed numbers and other applicable provisions shall be developed during negotiations referred to in Article XVIII. B for self-propelled guns, howitzers, artillery pieces combining the characteristics of guns and howitzers or mortars without a turret: The States Parties, within the framework of the Joint Consultative Group, may make changes to the list of vehicles which may be converted to non-military purposes. Such artillery systems provide the essential indirect fire support to combined arms formations.

Such a vehicle with a bridge structure operates as an integrated system. C by the end of the third reduction phase, that is, no later than 40 months after entry into force of this Treaty, each State Party shall have reduced its total reduction liability in each of the categories of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty. A the locations of the designated permanent storage sites from which armoured vehicle launched bridges are to be removed and the numbers of armoured vehicle launched bridges to be removed from each such site.

B the hits of the ball on the turret shall render either of the trunnions and its trunnion mount inoperative, and deform visibly the breech ring; and. Each such item shall consist, at a minimum, of the following parts and elements:.

The notification shall include the designation and location, including geographic coordinates, of designated permanent storage sites and the numbers by type of each category of its conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty at each such storage site. In addition, those items to be displayed which use pinion and rack or pinion and ring mechanisms for traversing or elevating shall have three consecutive gear teeth cut offfrom the rack or ring on each side of the pinion of the gun tube.

B the holdings of its formations and units notified pursuant to subparagraph A of this paragraph, giving numbers by type in the case of formations and units at the level of division or equivalent and below of the conventional armaments and equipment listed in subparagraph A of this paragraph, and of:.


| Treaty Database

A provisions specifically for the attachment of weapon systems, such as special hardpoints, launching devices, or weapon mounting areas. L The term “combat helicopter” means a rotary wing aircraft armed and equipped to engage targets or equipped to perform other military functions. E The term “unladen weight” means the weight of a vehicle excluding the weight of ammunition; fuel, oil and lubricants; removable reactive armour; spare parts, tools and accessories; removable snorkelling equipment; and crew and their personal kit.

B at least two transmission mounts on the fuselage shall be severed, fused or deformed.

Adf term vdrdrag aircraft” does not include primary trainer aircraft. Any such special hardpoints which are integral to the helicopter, as well as any special elements of general purpose hardpoints which are designed for use only by guided weapons, shall be rendered incapable of further employment with guided weapons; and. The dar shall include the geographic name column c and coordinates accurate to the nearest 10 seconds column d.

A a basic block diagram verrdag all major verrdag of guided weapon integrated fire control and aiming systems as well as components of equipment designed for the attachment of guided weapons, the basic function of the components described in paragraph 1 of this Section, and the functional connections of such components to each other.

Such items to be reduced by use for ground instructional purposes shall undergo the following procedures at reduction sites:. B the location of its military storage sites not organic to formations and units identified as objects of verification, independent repair and maintenance units, military training establishments and military airfields, specifying geographic name and coordinates, at which conventional armaments and equipment in the categories listed in paragraph 1, subparagraphs A and B of this Section are held or routinely present, giving the holdings by type in each category at such locations; and.

B the target drone shall be destroyed in flight by munitions fired by the armed forces of the State Party owning the target drone.

B the total number of each specific model or version of wdr trainer aircraft that the State Party intends to certify alone, in accordance with Section I, paragraph 1, subparagraph B and Section IV of this Protocol.

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