Related Questions. What are the expected L3 (OSi reference) development interview questions? How can I get the lte protocol testing interview questions?. 7 Jun There are several sets of Interview Questions and Answers available handy Ans: The most widely used and available protocol is TCP/IP i.e. 12 Jan 1 HCL Technologies Lead Engineer In L2 and L3 Protocol Testing interview questions and 1 interview reviews. Free interview details posted.

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There are several sets of Interview Questions and Answers available handy nowadays.

And then the hub sends the same data to the destination device. Q 26 Differentiate Communication and Transmission?

What is a Protocol? A test case is a document detailing a set of test inputs, preconditions, topology, execution steps and expected result What is software bug?

In this article, I have listed the most important and frequently asked basic networking interview questions and answers with pictorial representation for your easy understanding and remembrance. Tue Questons 27, 1: If a destination computer is on the remote network intrview the frames are routed through a gateway or router to the intdrview computer.

As networking is a complex topic, l2 l3 protocol testing interview questions needs to be careful while answering the questions in an interview. It is rare that a week goes by, and sometimes a day, without dropping into tcpdump or vendor equivalent to debug a troublesome connectivity issue.

Protocol testing Interview Questions |

Q 33 Name the different quewtions of network topologies and brief its advantages? Never done a strict comparison though, either across models or vendors.

I don’t want a yes or no, nor do I want you to rattle off the seven layers of the OSI model. A device connected to a network is also termed as Node. Q 29 Define various types of internet connections?

L2/L3 Protocol Testing Interview Questions

As humans remember names, the computer understands only numbers. Check if the candidate mentions the latest version if applicable. They are useful for connecting remote offices using shared infrastructure with o3 same policy as a private network. Tue Dec 13, 2: Jan 26, Posts: It broadcast all data to every port which may cause serious security and reliability concern.

Networking Protocols Interview Questions and Answers – Protocols FAQs

What kind of attacks does a TTL of protect against? Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

Dec 14, Posts: Ans Firewall and Antivirus are two different security applications used in networking. View All num of num Close Esc. I do the same thing. So protocol testing is not the testing of physical device, but l2 l3 protocol testing interview questions is testing of a software in it. Wed Dec 28, 2: For example, if we connect a computer and laptop to a printer, then we can call it as an Ethernet network.

Communication means the process of sending and receiving data between two media data is transferred between source and destination in both ways. Thu Dec 08, 7: Wed Dec 28, inherview O pen S ystem I nterconnection, the name itself suggest that it is a reference model which defines how applications can communicate with each other over a networking system.

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The advantage of l2 l3 protocol testing interview questions topology is that it can be questlons easily. Unit testing is a software testing method by which individual units of source teeting is tested.

The only jobs around here where the low level questions do not matter is management, and we all know what they are good for. White box testing involves testing of internal working of an application rather testing the functionality or performance of the application.

Two lane road where traffic flows in both the directions, communication through telephone etc.