The xPRO has an integrated expansion header ripe for hacking. PDF file is available on the Spark Concepts’ website. Zeus CNC router kit: Here is a look at the schematic for this board. If you feel like being crafty you can now connect your xPRO to your Smartphone and have all kinds of fun! My wife would have a cupboard in a few short weeks, and we would have a new toy. May 30, – Jun 22, 23 days.

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If running Windows you will need to elevate your privileges. As with most large scale product, component availability is a major concern. One of the main focuses of this board was creating an extensible platform for future development or hacking.

To do this we needed a cnc xpro controller stepper board solution fully steppee for future development.

May 30, – Jun 22, 23 days. Estimated delivery Jun Reward no longer available. Learn more about accountability.

Ships to Anywhere in the world. We set out to create the only CNC driver anyone would ever need. From there it is up to you.

Like any husband in hot water, there a was an intense flurry of cnc xpro controller stepper for weeks getting the CNC router designed and fabricated. Estimated delivery Aug Spark Concepts’ jump into CNC began a few months ago after some steppsr renovations” to my kitchen left me explaining to the wife why she cnc xpro controller stepper missing a cupboard over her range. Boards will ship immediately after the campaign.

If you feel like being crafty you can now connect your xPRO to your Smartphone and have all kinds of fun!

Cnc xpro controller stepper have worked very hard to minimize any potential hiccup. Here is Bill working his magic assembling the Beta boards by hand These are the 10 built, tested and ready to ship at the end of the campaign. Now Funding Stretch Goal! Lastly, wireless CNC-ing; this started as a “why not” but quickly turned into a “gotta have it” just wait, control,er see.

CNC xPRO Driver | OpenBuilds

Expansion board will allow users to print g-code files stored on an SD card. All mechanical pieces cut to length extrusions, custom gantry plates, belts, pulleys, hardware. Support Select this reward.

Estimated delivery Jul We worked with many PCB manufacturers to find one who cnc xpro controller stepper deliver consistently and without breaking the bank.

CNC XPRO V3 Controller Stepper Driver

Reward no longer available 1 backer. Share this project Done. Early Bird Bonus Round: Zeus DIY router kit: However, obstacles have a tendency of creeping up on you. You will receive our project updates and a personalized email detailing just how great you are.

Shipping in June and August! Gotta Have It Now: Gotta Have It All 2: We wanted 4 motor drivers to allow dual motor configuration for the X, Y, or Z axis or the ability to run as a 4 axis machine. If fabrication cnc xpro controller stepper an issue xnc will work with multiple houses to get the orders done right and on time.